Breaking the silence

We are delighted to be able to support Project Island Song, in our opinion one of the most effective and worthwhile conservation initiatives in Aotearoa.

The group works incredibly hard to restore the natural ecosystems and re-establish endangered species in the Bay of Islands. Its dream is to “return the islands of Ipipiri, in the Eastern Bay of Islands, to an archipelago of sanctuaries thriving with native habitat, lush vegetation and alive with the dawn chorus.”

As a result of its efforts the seven islands of Okahu, Waewaetorea, Motukiekie, Moturua, Urupukapuka, Motuarohia and Poroporo have been pest-free since 2009. The bush is regenerating, and returning native wildlife is recolonising the islands.

We aim to extend our support to this mahi from purely financial to a more hands-on, volunteer-based approach. If you are aware of any other organisations that could do with a helping hand or two (literally) from people who work in engineering, please listen to what our Michelle Hull has to say here, then get in touch.