Engineering services

Haigh Workman offers a full range of engineering services to help ensure the success of any construction or development project. They’re delivered by a dependable, experienced team who are not only great engineers, they’re also Northlanders who know our region from top to bottom and who know what it feels like to be in our customers’ shoes.  

Engineering solutions for Northland

Our full range of engineering services is backed by our customer-centric, solutions-focused approach

With more than 10,000 projects under our belt we’re able to bring considerable local and international experience to bear on any engineering challenge, providing expertise from conception to completion. We aim to be both partner and guide for our clients, focused on achievable, practical and affordable outcomes and using our team’s broad skill-set to design innovative solutions to the complex issues that are part of any development. 

Land development

Are you developing land and looking for engineering support? Look no further. We pride ourselves on our expert and versatile solutions. Whether you’re planning a subdivision design, earthworks, erosion and sediment control, or any other form of land development and exploration, our land development consultants have the expertise to make it happen. And our project management expertise means our full-service team can offer a truly turn-key solution if needed. 

Infrastructure engineering

As one of the top civil engineering consultancy firms in the region, we offer a wide range of civil and structural design services in support of infrastructure projects. And as Northlanders we understand the importance of infrastructure in supporting economic growth and enhancing quality of life. Whether it’s a design engineering consultant or infrastructure engineer you’re after, or a more comprehensive range of infrastructure engineering solutions perhaps bundled with leading-edge project management skills, our experienced civil engineering consultants can help. 

Geotechnical engineering

We provide expert geotechnical engineering solutions for any project, and pre-purchase geotechnical advice. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, Haigh Workman has built a solid reputation for excellence in the industry. Many parts of the Mid North and the Far North have been subject to a turbulent geological history. Collectively, our geotechnical engineers have an intimate understanding of the Northland environment and a deep understanding of local soil conditions. 

Structural design

We offer a comprehensive range of structural design services, from concept development to project completion. We deliver exceptional structural engineering design solutions through experience, technical expertise and innovation. Whether we’re designing small-scale residential projects or large commercial developments, our process ensures that our team will understand, from an early stage, your specific functional requirements. 

Wastewater design

Our experienced water and wastewater engineering team will deliver cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions tailored to meet your project’s specific needs for wastewater engineering, treatment, disposal and reuse. We can help build new water and wastewater infrastructure, expand existing systems and rehabilitate, in a cost-effective way, old or failing ones. Of course, we’re also happy to trouble-shoot and our experts can guide you on operation and maintenance. 

Stormwater management

We understand just how crucial comprehensive and accurate assessments are to the effective design of fit-for-purpose stormwater management projects. Our multidisciplinary team can provide a complete civil engineering and stormwater management plan for your site, addressing all aspects of stormwater engineering and environmental management. And our collaborative ethos means that we place a high premium on clear, consistent and effective communication with our customers.  

Contaminated land

Whether you need help understanding how to clean contaminated land, deal with contaminated land issues, assess the suitability of building on contaminated land or how to remediate contaminated land, we have the expertise to guide you through the process. We also develop ongoing monitoring and contaminated land management plans to help ensure the sustainable management of contaminated sites, and compliance with contaminated land guidelines. 

Roading and traffic

Our traffic engineering services team combines technical expertise, industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology to deliver tailored roading design and road engineering solutions. We work to understand the individual requirements of each transportation engineering project and collaborate closely with our clients to provide cost-effective and sustainable design solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Project management

We offer comprehensive project management services – from residential-scale work right the way through to the meatiest civil engineering, geotechnical and structural engineering projects. Our project management services are delivered by experienced project managers with a wide range of local and international experience in engineering project delivery. Whether you need stand-alone engineering project management or seamless integration with Haigh Workman design and engineering services, we have the expertise to meet your needs.  

Local procurement

Local procurement (a.k.a. ‘social procurement’ or broader outcomes expenditure) is becoming an ever-more important topic as central and local government increasingly seek to make project funding contingent on the involvement of smaller, locally- or Māori-owned businesses. Aspects of this can be challenging for project owners but we have significant experience in this area and the teams in our offices in Kerikeri, Whangārei and Warkworth can help you navigate these requirements. 

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